Considering Leasing?


Windsor Fleet understands that price is important. We also know that in order to keep costs down, drivers need to be on the road. That’s why we work hard to ensure that the overall package offered is the best value in the marketplace. We have a range of products and services which help to drive down costs and give you back your valuable time throughout the term of the agreement. Our people are passionate about what we do and whether your company is big or small, we want your business!  


There are many benefits of contract hiring your vehicle(s) including:


  • Fixed cost motoring 
  • One monthly budgeted payment
  • Full maintenance of fleet if required
  • Off balance sheet funding
  • Residual risk taken by Windsor Fleet
  • Maintenance risk taken by Windsor Fleet
  • Reclaimable VAT (depending on type of vehicle and CO2 emissions)
  • VAT spread over the term of the lease
  • Costs spread over the term of the lease


Why not give us a call to talk to us in more detail about your possible fleet requirements? Our number is 01 419 8373 or click here.


Please note that all contract hire vehicles supplied are subject to finance approval. Unfortunately, we are not able to facilitate private individuals.



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