The Comeback of the Estate Car


Modern estate cars bear very little resemblance to the traditional boxy vehicle which always seemed to be accompanied by at least one obligatory dog. Sportwagens, Combis, Sports Tourers, there’s a whole range of names to describe the new generation estate vehicles which are growing in popularity amongst both the retail and fleet markets.


Estate vehicles are extremely functional. Their boot space is generally plentiful and easy to access and they are now available with much sleeker lines and improved interior design. For the fleet driver who needs to carry large amounts of product, estate vehicles can be a real option, in terms of both cost effectiveness and fuel efficiency.


In the smaller fleet vehicle segment, the Skoda Octavia Combi and the Seat Leon Sports Tourer are both good options. In fact, this segment has seen such a growth in popularity that we are now seeing the return of the Volkswagen Golf Estate to Ireland, after a marked absence.



It has 605 litres of boot/cargo but that shoots up to 1,620-litres with the rear seats folded flat. With all three of these vehicles available in the ever-frugal 1.6TDi engine, they are a strong choice for the environmentally conscious (and financially astute) fleet manager. The Kia Cee’d Sportwagon might also be worth considering, as these vehicles are available in both a 1.4CRDi and 1.6CRDi engine and have some fairly decent spec levels.


Moving up in size, the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, Mazda 6 Tourer and the Volvo V60 are all popular choices, as are the Audi A6 Avant and the BMW 5 Series Touring at a slighter higher end of the scale, with the Audi A4 Avant and the BMW 3 Series Touring sitting in between.These vehicles combine the comfort and luxury of their saloon counterparts, but with an increased level of storage and practicality.


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