Driver Safety

In order to make every journey as safe as possible, please ensure that you have thoroughly read both the manufacturers and drivers handbooks which were supplied with your company vehicle. Best practice should be followed at all times and you should consult to refresh yourself on rules of the road and for other driver safety information. The Windsor Fleet driver handbook also has a number of safe driving and fuel saving tips. 


You should ensure that you complete the following vehicle checks on a regular basis: Oil level, water level, all lights/bulbs, tyre tread depth and pressure, remaining kilometres until service is due. 


If a warning light (amber) appears on your dashboard, please contact Windsor Fleet on 01-419-8373 as soon as possible. If a warning light (red) appears on your dashboard, do not drive the vehicle and contact Windsor Fleet immediately on 01-419-8373 or emergency out of hours assistance: 1800-66-77-88

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