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Driver Safety

In order to make every journey as safe as possible, please ensure that you have thoroughly read both the manufacturers and drivers handbooks which were supplied with your company vehicle. Best practice should be followed at all times and you should consult to refresh yourself on rules of the road and for other driver safety information. The Windsor Fleet driver handbook also has a number of safe driving and fuel saving tips. 


You should ensure that you complete the following vehicle checks on a regular basis: Oil level, water level, all lights/bulbs, tyre tread depth and pressure, remaining kilometres until service is due. 


If a warning light (amber) appears on your dashboard, please contact Windsor Fleet on 01-419-8373 as soon as possible. If a warning light (red) appears on your dashboard, do not drive the vehicle and contact Windsor Fleet immediately on 01-419-8373 or emergency out of hours assistance: 1800-66-77-88

Motor Tax

Each year approximately one week prior to the expiry of your current tax disc, Windsor Fleet will send you a replacement tax disc. You must display it on your windscreen immediately. Please contact our driver team on 01-419-8373 if you do not receive your tax disc.


The legal minimum for tread depth is currently 1.6mm of tread across the central three-quarters of the tyre.  However Windsor Fleet's safety policy is to change worn tyres when they reach 2mm. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that all tyres, including the spare tyre, are within the legal limit, are in good condition and inflated to the correct pressure. Should your vehicle not have a spare tyre, please ensure you have a working repair kit on board at all times. Our preferred tyre suppliers are First Stop Tyres and Advance Pitstop. Please click here for a list of First Stop/Advance Pitstop centres. Alternatively, call our driver services team on 01-419-8373 and they will be able to advise you of your nearest tyre centre.


When your vehicle is due for NCT or DOE, you will be contacted by a member of our driver services team line who will assist in co-ordinating with a local test centre to test your vehicle. On most vehicles, the DOE/ NCT Test requirement and Road Tax renewal coincide. Should this be the case with your vehicle, you should plan to have the test carried out 2 – 3 weeks before your Road Tax expires which will enable Windsor Fleet to re-tax your vehicle prior to expiry of the current disc. If you are unsure about whether your vehicle needs a DOE/NCT test, please contact driver services on 01-419-8373


If you think that your vehicle is due a service, please call our driver services team on: 01-419-8373 with your reg number and current mileage. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is serviced as per the manufacturer's guidelines. If you are unsure of the service interval on your vehicle, or do not know if your vehicle is due a service at this time, please contact our driver services team for more information on 01-419-8373.

Overseas Travel

Should you wish to take your vehicle abroad, you must receive authorisation from both Windsor Fleet and your Fleet Manager. Please contact our driver services team on 01-419-8373. You are also required to take out additional breakdown cover for overseas travel in the form of AA 5 star cover or equivalent. This cover must include repatriation for your company vehicle.


Please also note the following useful information:

  • Documentation –you will require original Insurance Certificate and owner’s permission before taking the vehicle out of the Republic of Ireland. Please contact Windsor Fleet on 01-4198373 for more information.
  • Breakdown Cover –You must ensure that you have the correct level of cover before travelling.
  • Special Equipment – It is not possible to give a definitive list of what you will require as this differs from country to country and from year to year. In all cases a warning triangle will be required, thereafter such items as spare bulb kits, fire extinguishers or first aid kits may be required dependant on where you are visiting.   For further information please  download the AA Compulsory Equipment for Foreign Travel PDF in driver resources
  • Fines – In many countries abroad motorists, particularly tourists, found not to be in possession of the correct documentation or mandatory equipment may have an on the spot fine imposed. This can also apply to motoring offences such as speeding.


Please ensure that you prepare your travel requirements well in advance and that you take extra care when driving overseas. 


If you have a Windsor Fleet fuel card, please click here for your nearest Topaz fuel station. Please also check our driver handbook for plenty of driving tips to increase fuel efficiency. To find out more about Windsor Fleet Fuel Card Management, please click here

Driving Offences

It is your responsibility to pay all fines and fixed penalty notices etc within the specified time limit as notified by the issuing authority. Where charges are not paid a notice to Windsor Fleet will be issued. Windsor Fleet will refer the fine/penalty to the driver that the vehicle has been allocated to by entering the driver's name and address on the form and returning it back to the issuing authority. The driver will then receive a personally addressed notice for payment. Some authorities do not give the opportunity of referral and in this case Windsor Fleet will contact your employer and may pay the fine on the driver's behalf, (please note that this process will usually incur fees)


Minor damage such as chips or cracks can usually be repaired so upon detection of any damage to your glass you should arrange the repair as soon as possible – it can stop it spreading and incurring more serious damage. Replace your wiper blades if they are not clearing the windscreen properly and keep the inside of the windscreen clean. For assistance with glass repair or replacement, please call our driver team on 01-419-8373

Emergency Assistance

If you require emergency assistance, please contact Windsor Fleet on 01-419-8373 during office hours or emergency out of hours assistance: 1800-66-77-88


Collision Procedures: If you are involved in an incident, please refer to the Collision Reporting section of your drivers handbook. For assistance, please contact our driver team on 01-419-8373 or emergency out of hours assistance: 1800-66-77-88


Vehicle Breakdown: In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, your vehicle may be covered by the manufacturer. You should refer to the manufacturer’s handbook for contact details. If your vehicle is not covered by the manufacturer, or you are unsure whether it is covered, please contact our driver services team on: on 01-419-8373 during office hours or emergency out of hours assistance: 1800-66-77-88.

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