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EV Update: Galway to Dublin and Back on One Charge



This is the car Audi claim will be able to travel the equivalent of Dublin to Galway and back on one charge of electricity.


The Audi e-tron quattro concept, recently shown at the Frankfurt Show, is the springboard for the company’s first large-scale electric car which we can expect by 2018.


It will, Audi promise, have a range of more than 500kms (310 miles) which means it should have no bother doing the coast-to-coast trip on one ‘fill’ of electricity.


The concept has all-wheel steer and e-quattro drive. One of its electric motor drives the front axle and two power the rear.


Helping stretch the mileage is the concept’s low drag coefficient of 0.25.


Being an electric vehicle, you will also get a huge boost of acceleration and torque that make it drive like a sports car. The downside is that it will drain battery energy much more quickly. Nonetheless, the acceleration figure of 0-100kmh in 4.6 seconds will surely tempt prospective buyers.


On a wider perspective, the ability to make cross country trips on a single charge would revolutionise how we think about electric cars. Being able to travel 500km would erase most of the ‘range anxiety’ (will I have enough power to get me where I’m going?) currently associated with the genre.

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